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Acoustimass 3 Series III

£179.99 £129.99

Bose 5.1 Speakers Passive and Active

Here we have the Bose Acoustimass systems, these are a speaker only system for use with a third party amplifier Yamaha etc. The Acoustimass 6 series I and II, Acoustimas 10 series I and II. These are known as passive systems, this means they take all of their power from the amp. They use speaker wire 5 into the bass module and 5 out to the cubes. The Acoustimass 5 series III, Acoustimass 10 series III and IV. The Acoustimass 15 series all models. These are known as active systems. They still use a third party amp, however the subwoofer is now powered from an internal amplifier, giving far more bass and better control overall.

Product Description

These are the smallest passive sub sat systems made by Bose. This is the series 3 with the classic and becoming rare redline single cubes. Super compact system can go anywhere suited to small rooms or anywhere high volumes are not required. Good overall, basically one half of an Acoustimass 5 series 2