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Bose V Series Full HD

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Product Description

Bose Flagship V Series Full HD

Core System

AV35 head unit V25 V35 spec or custom V15 specification, can be used to upgrade NON HD systems with series 3 bass modules 9 pin only.

Items Included

AV35 Head Unit
Power Supply
Ipod Dock or Bluetooth Adaptor
Unify Remote Control
Adaptiq System

No Speakers

Get premium Bose sound with all your entertainment

Enjoy engaging home theater sound with all your movies, music, TV shows, and video games from a system that’s easy to set up and use. The Lifestyle® V series  system lets you connect up to six high-definition video sources to the system’s media console, and enjoy simple control of everything using one remote. This system also comes with an iPod®/iPhone® dock and a built-in FM/AM radio tuner to expand your music listening options.

Easy setup and operation

Bose Unify™ technology makes it easy to connect and control all of your home theater components, including a Blu-ray player, cable box, and game console. Clear on-screen menus provide all the information you need to easily switch from one video source to another. Plus, you can control everything using the system’s backlit, universal remote. You won’t even have to input any codes — just point each of your existing remotes at the console and follow the onscreen instructions.

Sound that’s perfectly adjusted for your room

The ADAPTiQ® auto calibration system simplifies setup by automatically tailoring the sound to the size and shape of your room. Just put on the supplied headset with built-in mics, sit in five of your family’s favorite spots, and the system configures its own speaker distance and delay settings. You can be sure that everyone in your room hears the best sound possible.


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